Kashmiri Nauhas of Beighs have been digitized into unicode text as people demanded their wide broadcast on international network. So, in order to commensurate with growing demand Nauha Room of Beighs presents an online collection of Nauha's text here. Please follow the respective links to open the nauha.

Read This First :
Library Contains the historical Kashmiri Nauha Treasures written by Beighs of Sonwar. Nohas are protected under The Copyright Act 1957 under Indian Law. Some of the verses or couplets may be missing from Digital Library versions here, Chief of Nauha Room enjoys all given rights to retrieve or delete any content from Digital Library or any content from original records at Central Records Room of Nauhas.
You are not allowed to record all these nauha with Indian Private or Public Broadcasters. If you indulge in such any activity it will be punishable under Indian Law.

Tip : In Most of cases "ch"  gives sound of  "ژ"

Mirza Mehdi Beigh
Noha : Ae Gul e Gulzar Ali Akbaram
Noha : Wa Muhamada Gow Shaheed Hussain
Noha : Ye Chu Zuljanaye Syed e Shohda
Noha : Bar seenas Shahideenas Shubya

Mirza Abdul Ghani Beigh
Noha :  Doun Aalman az chu barpa
Noha : Zindaan e shaamsy manz

Mirza Manzoor Hussain Beigh
Noha : Ame Lokchaar mate martam
Noha : Haiy Haiy Afsoos
Noha : Chehlum Aze Chu Shaheedan
Noha : Masoom Aasan Praaraan Aabas