Mirza Ishaq Beigh

Mirza Mohammad Ishaq Beigh or sometimes known as Mirza Ghulam Nabi Beigh is among top of the talented nauha writers as well as chanters of Jammu & Kashmir. He earned the matriculate from Valley's most top school at that era The Hari Singh School. He started his incredible career of nauha chanting from his teenage. He shouted first around 1950s .
Like his elder brother Mirza Abdul Ghani Beigh
he is also a noted chanter of valley with lakhs of fans across he state.
Its has been heard from the people as well as fans of him that whenever he starts chanting the tears from their eyes starts falling. He is having a magical voice which is hard to resist, the tears does not take the name to stop.
Nowadays, he is suffering from Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which is preventing him from these activities. All the momineen across world are requested to remeber him in his prayers.


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