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Download, Broadcast and Share:
You are free to listen, share  the content which Nauha Room is availing online for public use.
But you are confined and should refrain from editing any content of Nauha Room as they are Protected under Indian Copyright Law.
We are allowing Indian Television Stations to broadcast our content, at the same time no post editing should be carried out. You owe our credit unless you mention it after broadcasting.

Noha Digital Library:
Every Noha that is digitized into unicode text, is available on our Digital Library . All the nohas available on Library are meant for reading purpose only. Mourners are requested not to record our Nauuhas at Indian Private or Public Broadcasting Houses. Recording of any our Nauha is against User policies.
Nohas are Protected under Indian Copyrights © Law  1957. Any user caught infringing our policies will be dealt strictly. Law suit will be filed against with provision as deem to be fit.

Nauha Room Of Beighs reserves all the rights to:
Remove any verse/couplet or whole elegy from Digital Library at any time without further notice to any third party. Nauha Room can add any verse to nauha and can change tempo/pitches of it's nauhas.
Nauha Room reserves the right to edit Nauhas as per it's writers panel choices respectively.

If you want to know more, or you may enjoy extra rights on our nauhas. You are requested to Contact us.

you may further liaise issues with any of following. 

Nauha Room Office Holder. In the Office From (1989 - present)
Mirza Muhammad Ishaq Beigh

Chief - Central Records Room and Broadcasting (2011- present)
Mirza Manzoor Hussain Beigh 

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